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Hello everyone,

This is my first post on the HKPRO forum so go easy on me. I have been lurking for a while, reading thread after thread and purchasing a few items in the parts forum.

I bought a slightly used SL8 rifle late last year and have been extremely pleased with it. The rifle is apparently an SL8-1 which was dyed black with the special weapons stock and grip added.

My true aspirations lie in converting it a close approximation to a G36. I know this topic has been discussed many times over, but if you could indulge me...

There are two physical issues with the rifle, namely the single-stack SL8 bolt and the magwell indentation. For the bolt, I have contacted Tom Bostic who can fix the shaved lug for me, no problem. For the magwell, it must be cut out, obviously, to fit G36 mags. I am no stranger to dremels, grinders, and the like, but when it comes to an expensive firearm, I am hesitant. For those of you that have cut your own, how big of a deal is it? What would be the best tip to use to make the cleanest cuts? I know I can also send the rifle to Ed at HDPS to do it as well, but I am also leery of sending my one and only expensive firearm through the mail. If I were to go that route, what is the best way to ship such an item (i.e. USPS, FedEx, UPS)?

Lastly, I know I going to bump up against 922(r) for parts count. I either need to use enough USA parts or make the rifle an SBR. I figure with a tax stamp only $200, that is going to be cheaper than buying enough american parts to comply with the parts rule.

My questions here are can I file a Form 1 making the rifle a SBR without actually shortening the barrel? If I can do that, I am going to establish a living trust for the SBR and register it that way. Can I transfer a gun I own to the living trust while making it an SBR? How would that work and would there be an additional cost (i.e. involving an FFL)?

Thanks for reading all of this and for your eventual responses. This board is awesome and I have learned an incredible amount of information through the extremely knowledgeable individuals here.

Also, I am thinking of a H&K 91 as my next purchase! :)

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When I spoke with the NFA branch regarding Form-1, I was informed that the submission of a Form-1 for a non-SBR would result in the application being rejected.

I would be curious if anyone has actually done this and had the application approved.

Just remember, if you file a Form-1 to try to work around the parts count only to later have it removed from the registry, 922(r) will once again apply.

My advice, if you're not going to build an SBR, get the U.S. parts. Http:// will have U.S. compliance parts avail hopefully by the end of month at very reasonable prices.
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