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Like the title states. I have a new stock block B and new correct fitting HK UMP Stock for sale. I had a full UMP conversion done by ED awhile ago (more than a year) and after it was returned to me it was placed in the safe until tonight. So the parts are in new condition, exactly as I received them from HDPS. Very tight fit between stock and block. I'm also cleaning out some things around the workbench and decided to give to the buyer two HK German 10rd factory USC Mags, HK gun lock and a Factory USC Manual.

Note: The stock block DOES NOT come with pin or buffer.

Price: $SPF Shipped Flat rate. Insurance is extra on Buyers dime.
Payment: PP F&F or G&S +3%

I will not sell or ship outside of the USA

I have 100% Buyer and Seller feedback here, Ebay and multiple other firearm forums.

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