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New here and kind of new USP owner

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Hey not sure if this is the appropriate section just wanted to introduce my self. I just recently bought a full size USP .40 and Wednesday will be getting a compact. Had a compact USP a couple years ago but also had a wife that liked the credit cards so had to sell it. But got rid of the wife and finally got me another HK. Seemed like a fair trade. Will post pictures later. Haven't got to shot her (the gun that is) yet but hopefully will make it to the range this weekend for a couple hours
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Congratulations on the new acquisitions. You'll like your new full size, I haven't had chance to shoot a compact...yet. Let us know how they shoot! Welcome to the site.
Welcome to the site.

What caliber USPC are you looking to acquire?
Welcome to the site!!! :biggrin:
Congratualtions on the future acquisition--- I love the USP's. :wink:

I'm getting the USPc in .40 S&W. It'd be nice if the had it in 10mm cause I would get those instead
I love the fullsize because compared to other guns the recoil is noticably less.
Thanks. hopefully will get a nice amount of time at the range this weekend the compact USP I'm getting comes with a .357 sig barrel
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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