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New here and never formally introduced myself, hi fellas!

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My family and I live in Nashville TN. I grew up along the East Cost Navy bases, even got to live in Guantanimo Bay for a summer. Needless to say I've grown up around guns, but luckily I've also grown up around great teachers too ;)

I'm by NO means an expert, and just recently got back into shooting ( mostly simiauto handguns ) after an extended hiatus. Damn it feels good to be back, can't believe I ever thought I was too busy to enjoy shooting...Obviously my priorities were way out of wack.

I've got a modest collection, mostly HK, SIG, and kimber...but I know what you guys want to know about :)

I've got a hard chrome p7 psp model w Nill grips I installed, another plumb p7 police trade in that I carry, and a p30 w trigger job that I traded a p2k light LEM for...HUGE mistake, now I want a p2ksk and I believe it's time for a 45.

Well enough about me, I just wanted to introduce myself.
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Thanks man, I've learned a lot in my short time here...there seem to be some pretty smart HK peeps on this Forum
I'd love a Mark23, but will probably go with the HK45... Looking for one to shoot in my area.

Oh yeah, and in my dreamworld where guns are free ( too me ) I'd reeeally like a USP match w the compensator :)

I've got a Sig p229 sport w the compensator and love that damn gun.

Plus I wont carry the 45, so it'll be HD and range use. Basically the bigger the better in my case!
Sounds good to me

Welcome to the boards. I am in Pleasant View TN. PM me some time and we'll get together for some lead slinging.
Will do, I'm headed to the range now...Walmart first , then the range ;)
Oh man, I feel your pain on that one

I had a chance to buy a Black Match and a Mark 23 both "NIB" (black and camo cases) as a package for $3200 a while back. I still kick myself for passing that package up.


We've all got our "pass" regrets.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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