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New here... What's a cheap but durable taclight for the P2000?

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Hi, I'm looking for a cheap taclight to use for my p2000. NCStar is fine. Anyone know what fits? Thanks.
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Not sure, more than likely you're looking at a "Surefire". Good luck in your pursuit.
Obviously your definition of cheap is relative but, "Cheap" and "durable" do not generally play nicely together.
"Cheap" and "durable" go together about as well as "fat" and "sexy."
"Cheap" and "durable" go together about as well as "fat" and "sexy."
Depends on your definition of sexy :eek:
How cheap? How durable? My Insight M3 has held up pretty well, and I bought it for $66.
You can afford HK handgun, but can't afford decent light?

Putting cheap light on HK is not Awesome.
Maybe he means something thats NOT the Wilcox LAM or the insight ILWLP/LAM 1000. ... by the way anyone on the forum own that? I aw it on optics planet for $1530.
Youll find a few on here that own the Wilcox. If I was you (OP) I would go with the Insight M3 or M3X. Maybe even the Insight Procyon XTI. Have you looked into Safarilands RLS (Rapid Light System)? You can sometimes find new ones on EBAY at a reasonable price.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into the insight M3.
Does the M3 need an adapter for the USP 45?
I've also been wonderin about that, most I have been lookin at are for the picatinny rail, or at least look to be, even the M3 looks like it would take the adapter or picatinny, and most don't make it clear what they fit... But to me it looks like the M3 does require an adapter to fit the USP...???
If it don't I think I will get one, but I am afraid it does...JMO...
Have a good one...Tater2.
Does the M3 need an adapter for the USP 45?
My vote goes for the TLR-1 and TLR-3.
/\ Well do they, the Streamlight TLR-1s or TLR-3s need adapters for the USPs...??? And if not, where is the best place to get or order one...???
Thanks, and have a good one...Tater2...
TLR-3 all day.. it will look better on it opposed to a TLR-1 as well because the p2000 is essentially a compact and the TLR-3 is a compact light. the TLR-1 is too elongated for a compact pistol IMHO.
I like the Procyon.. forget what the new more powerful version is called

Cheap imported lights are generally junk and will fail you at the worst possible time
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