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Finally got an HK P30L 9mm. I have the rear decocker variant with the manual safety which i think is variant 3. After having several USP's , P30's and even an SK i couldn't wait to get this pistol out for a test run. I took it out of the box, ran a patch down the barrel, cleaned the factory grease off it, couple drops of lube, and ready to roll.
The following was fired:
1. 20 Rounds Hornady 115 gr. American JHP's;
2. 30 Rounds 115 gr. Winchester silvertips;(my glock carry round-very hot for a non plus p round)
2. 20 rounds sig sauer 124 grain V-crown JHP's;(very hot ammo-love their 10mm offerings in my G29)
4. 300 rounds 115 gr. fmj Federal American Eagle

Pistol was great. 100% functioning, very accurate, well balanced, and fit my hand really well. I use the "S" back strap and side grip panels.

My favorite 9mm and a definite keeper.
It was $989.00 new, and worth it.
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