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Hey guys, long time forum stalker, first ... well second time HK owner (first was a USP9c that I sold) ... Recently picked up a PTR 91 from a local in Colorado, went out to Cheyenne Mountain shooting complex and banged steel at 600 yards with iron sights!!! Actually only hit the 12" gong 1 of every 10 shots or so...
But i've been a long time member of (same username Bruskie456)

This forum has helped me out tremendously already! Checking bolt and cocking tube gap on the PTR was all found through this website. Some of you guys are truly experts in the HK field.

Currently looking to put a few parts for the PTR, mostly an optic... a 1-4x Vortex Viper is what i'm thinking, along with an AD non-eye relief QD mount.
And possibly an extended charging handle and a hk21 rubber buttpad...

I'd like a tac-latch II but they appear to only be sold on, which are out of stock... Anyone know if they are still being produced?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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