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Just sharing my findings and newly purchased IWB hybrid holster for my P30 LEM 9mm. For those on a budget and short tolerance levels for long lead times - I can not say anything bad about this holster. These are also pretty popular in the Glock community. I sent them an inquiry a while back asking if and when they'd consider H&K models - P30 specifically. Got a quick reply and mentioned they had a hard time finding a mold but would if they'd get their hands on one. Low and behold I checked their website and were about to start shipping. Ordered early last week and got it Friday. Quick shipping and get this - I got this IWB holster for $39.00! Shipped!

Link: FoxX Holsters makes Leather/Kydex IWB Hybrid Holsters & Magazine Carriers. - foxX holsters

Direct link to H&K Holsters: Purchase Leather and Kydex IWB Hybrid Holsters - foxX holsters

I have no affiliation with FoxX - just merely contributing to the H&K hobbyist looking for a comfortable economical iwb holster.

E from AZ!
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