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New member from SE Florida: VP9 failure

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Hi from SE Florida, just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I grew up shooting and hunting with my father and have been around firearms most of my life. Above all he taught me the importance of safety and maintaining ones equipment. In the past couple years I finally got to a good enough place financially to start my own firearm collection. Most of it is on the budget side for now, as you can see from my sig.

I purchased a VP9 LE in FDE around the end of May and on its second range trip it suffered a catastrophic failure. I posted a thread on and was directed here to get the opinions of the HK gurus. Initial thought is that it is ammo related, either over-pressure or case failure/blowout. Thread will be up in a few minutes in the handgun talk forum. This is my first experience with a failure of this magnitude and any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!