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Hey There!

Just wanted to quickly introduce myself. New member from SW Florida. Not new to the HK world, I have just realized that the guns that HK have built are far superior than most on the market. With this I have started to upgrade my collection, I look forward to learning about the famous brand and new items that HK are coming out with. I now have more HK in my collection than any other brand..Sig only coming in second. I am engaged in the NFA world, but hell I cant afford a transferable sear. I will be looking to buy a married RR & Sear gun hopefully soon.

I will leave you with my HK Collection:

SP5K (Newest addition Wife's Christmas Gift)
USP 9 Tactical
USP .40 Tactical
USP .45 Elite


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Welcome to SW Florida where the sun shines practically every day and palm trees sway in the tropical breeze.
I shoot at the Alamo range in Naples, so if you are close by give me a holler.
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