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Hello HK brothers.
I am looking forward to talks, answers and questions here.
Hopefully I do not break any rules here on my first post. LOL
A little about myself.
I am a long time owner of the loved HK handguns.
Years and I mean years ago when HK America was in Chantilly before they moved to Sterling . My first HK when I was 22yo was a P7, unfortunately I sold it when I was young and dumb.
I did buy a Mk 23 back in the 90s when it first came out and still love it today. There is no other pistol that matches it gracefulness, beauty and quality.
My daily carry is the VP9 I picked up a year and a half ago. Year between I carried my loved Sig Mk 25D and my FN FIVE-SEVEN FDE.
But now I'm really looking forward to buying the new HK45 CT V3.
I am hoping this spring I will be the owner of one.
Still reading about it and would like to know your options on it.
The goods and bads if there are any.
Thanks Lenny
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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