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Hey guys, I just got my first USP used and it kind of turned into a project for me. I figured I'd join to see if I could tap the collective power of this forum if I run into some problems.

I bought a used full sized USP 9mm (date code 95). The barrel had the same serial number, so it seems safe to say the rest of the parts are likely original too. I took it out the range and in 150 rounds got a light strike, two FTFs and one FTE. I decided to turn this thing into a project and rebuild it from the ground up. I completely disassembled it last night and got to know the parts and how they work. It's a remarkably simple and elegant design, I found. Anyway, I'm replacing every internal part from the slide release spring back to the trigger bar detent as well as the hammer. I got all of the parts ordered last night. I need to wait for a few of them to come in before I send parts out to have a cerakote finish applied to them. I'm going with graphite black for the frame and slide with armor black accents (trigger, hammer, extractor, slide release, safety, magazine baseplates etc.). The armor black is a slightly lighter shade than the graphite black which I think will look nice and simple - just like the USP design.

Anyway, here is the current state of the pistol:

I kind of lost the front sight post when I drifted it out, shouldn't matter much since I'm replacing it with night sights anyway.

I'm also looking into purchasing another full size USP in the .45 flavor. Can't beat 12 rounds of 45ACP in that size.

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A pistol of that age can be sent back to HK for them to refurb it. I'm not sure which parts the actually replace but a lot of people do it. You are pretty brave to break the gun down completely. Nice work. Post some pics of the new paint job...
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