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To start with let me say hello to all, I'm glad to be here.

Next is, I am new to AR's but not firearms in general. I have held a CCW for 25 years, and am used to pistols, rifles, and shotguns all. I now have it in my head that I want to own something in the AR line, maybe two somethings. I started with the learning about this type about 6 weeks ago and have been reading everywhere to further my understanding. I am going about this from the standpoint that something worth is doing is worth doing right or not at all, so here is my thinking up to this point.................

I plan on maybe two; one piston model and one DI, and I want quality and accuracy first and foremost on both. I plan on purchasing my last 2 first so I don't have to waste money going through all the others. :)

From my reading it doesn't get any better for a piston gun than HK. So although I am not fond of the heavy barrel, and no chrome, the MR556A1 is pretty much the choice I have settled on. I can live with the no chrome part because every time I shoot be it one or 1000 rounds the weapon gets cleaned. It's the way I was taught. Taken care of and clean = dependable, and the material used in the HK barrel is supposed to be the best there is, so I am good with that.

The weight I am bummed about, but will make do. The question I have is:

Is there a certain time of year when HK releases new items? I have read that people are looking for a lighter barrel to maybe be released, and I just noticed on the site that they are now offering uppers only where full rifles were the only choice before. I would be really ticked to order and find out that a month later a lighter barrel version was released. I'm not holding out hope for chrome. I know anything said here is a guess, but if HK releases stuff in the fall or something I could wait a month or two to make sure first. So what's everyone's best guess?

As to the rest my plans are for an Aimpoint, maybe a T-1 2 MOA and possibly a Aimpoint 3x to go with it. Possiblely some KAC micro flip-ups as I don't think the standard HK ones will work. Any genuine opinions are welcome, and thanks for the time to read this long first post. :)
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Thanks for the welcome. I just checked Bud's and while they had a MR556 listed about a week ago, now they show out of stock. Looks like I am a day late again and waiting.................. :(

They were listed as 2899.00 including freight. I figure that is about normal for now, right?
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