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new member with a hk 41 santa fe

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Hello everyone, new to this site.I have a model 91 that I've had for 15 years.Found this 4/66 41 santa fe at auction, could not turn it down. Its in great condition, all serial numbers match, even came with 22 conversion.But the top of the receiver has four holes drilled in it, possibly for a rail or something.Could it hurt the value? the mag does not have any markings on it, should the stock mag be marked 41 or g3 or anything. I know they are rare, thought I would show some
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That looks like a clean 41 someone must of put a weaver base on it at one time is my guess I think you could still get a big chunk of money for it. I have seen them beat to hell and sell for over $7,000.00 I just posted one in the heads up part of the site if you want to watch one sell on GB. To someone looking for a safe queen the holes would bother them but I would of bought this gun just cuz there are not many out there so to me the holes would not matter and I would shoot it just like I do with the rest of my HK's
Do you have any plans on selling this rifle? If so, please contact me with details

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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