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Hello, just signed up with HK Pro. Name is Steve and I live in TN. Ive been collecting for a while and have gravitated towards German as of late. My love of HK started many years ago as I grew up in Germany however couldn't afford them so my path took many years to get to this point. My HK models are a P2000 which stays in my center console safe in my truck and is always with me. I recently bought a SP5K and this decision was a result of my desire to desperately own an MP5. I will probably keep it a pistol as I live close to the border and go to our lake house frequently which is in MS and don't want to deal with all the crap associated with an NFA weapon. I have a registered SBR (also 9mm) and have 3 suppressors for various weapons that I own. Anyway, I hope to not be a PITA member or piss anyone off. I don't usually do the whole forum thing or social media thing so this is kinda new.

I appreciate everything and look to learn a great deal about HK and modifications that can be made to my SP5K.... mainly a barrel so I can attach my 9mm can to it when I am at the range... and maybe a brace..... and maybe ill move my Aimpoint T1 over from my SBR to this lil thing.... heck I don't know.

Peace out
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