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New NY Bills would effectively ban all HK Shotguns

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Got the following from the NRA... Some serious BS going on here. A bill to require internal locks, ban on .50 cal, ban on cheap range ammo (so that expensive ammo would make it expensive to use in a crime... uhh, reloads idiots?!), and a ban on shotgun features (pistol grip, interchangable magazines, more than 5 rounds, etc) from 2 down to ZERO which effectively bans pretty much all HK shotguns as well as most that are used for NRA competitions! Ok time to buy a benelli now to qualify for grandfathering!

Several Anti-Gun Bills Moving Through New York Assembly!
Please Contact Your State Legislators Today!

Several anti-gun bills were approved by the Assembly Codes Committee on Tuesday, April 17, and could be considered on the Assembly floor as early as next week.

Among them is Assembly Bill 6525, sponsored by State Assemblywomen Amy Paulin (D-88), which imposes criminal penalties and legal liability on legitimate licensed firearm dealers for any criminal activity that occurs after the retailer has sold the firearm to a qualified buyer. The bill would further require that the retailer obtain exorbitant insurance policies to pay for the actions of criminals. Retailers would also be required to place all firearms in fireproof safes or vaults during non-business hours. Make no mistake, this bill is designed to force thousands of firearm retailers out of business and to make firearms unavailable to law-abiding consumers in New York.

Also approved by the committee were:
-Assembly Bill 829, sponsored by Assemblyman Steven Englebright (D-4), which would prohibit the retail sale of a handgun that does not contain a "child proofing" or integrated safety device;

-Assembly Bill 2772, introduced by Assemblywomen Patricia Eddington (D-3), would ban the sale, use and possession of .50 caliber firearms;

-Assembly Bill 3447, backed by Assemblyman David Koon (D-135), would outlaw many types of ammunition commonly used on shooting ranges and for safety and training purposes; and,

-Assembly Bill 7331, sponsored by Assemblyman Matthew Titone (D-61), seeks to drastically expand the state's ban on so-called assault weapons by adding pump-action rifles and reducing the number of allowed features from two to zero. Additionally, A 7331 would give the State Police broad authority to designate additional firearms to be outlawed. Those wishing to keep "banned" firearms lawfully possessed prior to January 1, 2008, would be required to register them and have them tested for entry into the state's failed ballistic imaging program. Many of the guns affected by this bill are widely used in competitions and hunting.

Already awaiting action on the Assembly floor is Assembly Bill 76, introduced by Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg, which creates the crimes of failure to store a firearm "safely" and negligent storage.

Please contact your State Assembly Members at (518)-455-4218 and urge them to vote "NO" on the bills listed above.
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already called about these.
i was told by a local gun shop most of these would not pass, but that's what they said about the clinton ban...

i'm getting into reloading and acquiring other things.

for more good info go to for updates...
Does anyone know which Benelli is NYC legal? If its auto capability, it can't have the pistol grip or more than 5 round capacity. I'm thinking my only recourse is going pump only with the M1...
no idea. call ritchie. you have his number?
yes I do... but he's out of the 5 boroughs, so the laws are little bit more lenient than NYC's 5 boroughs. I can probably call him later and ask. I still need to get the long rifle amendment to my NYC license first. I just hate driving out to queens just to get the paperwork though, then go again to submit it!
he's out of the boroughs but i bet he would know. if he didn't one of his NYPD customers would...
I just hate driving out to queens just to get the paperwork though, then go again to submit it!
NYC has got to be one of the worst places in the USA to own a gun. I hate driving to Queens period.:rolleyes:

I'd say move to NJ but it sucks here too
yea... it only gets good in CT (where CCW is the minimum point) or PA which allows everything.

Well at least we have it better than CA and Washington DC.
God we have to do something. I'm going outta my Freaking mind!!!! This crap is making me apesh*t!!!!!!!!!!!
welcome to manhattan-stan. We haven't had a pro-2nd amendment mayor since LaGuardia (1934–1945). No wonder NYC loves him... :)
on the upside, it's not as bad as CA or DC, but that's not saying much. LOL
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