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New owner/member small problem

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Hi everyone. Great site. Longtime reader, first post. I'm a proud new owner of my first h&k; p2000 357sig v2. I've put about 500 rds through it and am loving it. I've got the springs and I am about to convert it to a Todd Green special. My question/problem is (and I'm embarrassed to post this) ; last night I wanted to weigh the trigger pull before changing the springs.Not having the the right tool I decided to try the ole bucket of water trick. While holding the gun at the edge of the table I had my son pour the water. At about the gallon mark I noticed that I had'nt allowed enough room for the hammer travel. Overall, hung about 10.5 to 11 lbs on the trigger with the hammer down. It feels fine and I know I can probably thumb the hammer and put that much force on it, but wanted opinions on whether anything could have been stressed/tweaked. I've kicked myself over it and can take a little heat for not having the proper gauge so tell me what you think. Am I being over concerned? Pictures coming soon. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to HK world. Nice choice of pistol. I would severely doubt that you hurt anything internally in your pistol. Does it operate as smooth as it did before you tried to turn it into an anchor? LOL. If it does, it's probably fine. It wouldn't hurt to remove the slide and look at the trigger bar to make sure it moves smoothly and isn't bent somewhere where it's not supposed to be bent.
A gallon of water weighs less than 10lbs. I have put significantly more force on my P2000 when trying to pull the trigger without a mag in (mine has a mag disconnect). There has been no visible wear on the trigger bar and no issues with functionality. I think you are probably safe and good to go. HK's are made to go above and beyond the regular usage of a gun and should be fine with a little weight hanging on the trigger bar. As long as everything functions properly, no worries. If you have magazines start dropping out on you unexpectedly, though, you may have bent the trigger bar.
Thanks for the quick replies. It's still smooth and what I can see of the trigger bar looks fine.Just being cautious, gonna shoot tomorrow and move ahead with the spring change.This is addicting!
Congrats & welcome; the .357sig round is a blast ;-) Going from v2 to v1 made a huge difference for me.
Standard P2000-V2 trigger weight is typically 9+ pounds if the pistol is cocked. Well over 10 pounds if the pistol is not. All sounds normal -- and horrible.

Go all he way to Light LEM and see how you like it. New pistol will still have lots of internal friction and the intermediate weight trigger will probably still be too heavy -- is for me.

-- Chuck
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