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Hi Folks,
I just love your site very informative and professional I have learned quite a bit in a short time. I am the proud owner of a P7 PSP, I traded a rifle for it a few days ago. My wife and I are retiring soon and plan on going on a road trip this summer out west and beyond. I wanted something that I could carry with for protection from critters, etc. The P7 seemed a perfect carry with in the car and on person, I liked the safety aspect of the pistol. Have a question concerning the slide lock. The slide will only lock with a empty magazine. According to the manual that came with it the P7 pistol incorporate a slide catch lever located on the left side of the frame behind the trigger. Well my pistol does not have this lever, did they make different variants? The only way I see that I can do is put in a empty magazine pull the slide back and lock it, pull out the empty magazine put in a loaded magazine depress the cocking lever and start shooting or load it with a full magazine then manually chamber a round and start shooting. Is there something not working right or this the way it should work. Also question on grade, on the side of the box where the bar code is it says "VG GOOD/EX Bottom", I tried to upload some photo's but the site wouldn't let me? I'm going out on the range this weekend to get familiar with this pistol. Thanks in advance for any information. Looking forward to a long relationship on the panel and site. Thanks.
Joe K.
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