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New P30 V2, LEM looking to make V-TGS mod

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First I can happily report that I am the new and proud owner of a P30 V2 LEM. Have owned Sigs and Walthers and 1911's and finally found that the P30 in V2 form was just to perfect to pass up. Everything is relative to the user of course so I can surely understand others being partial to other HK's and other P30 variants. This one seems right to me.

I have read all of the threads that relate even tangentially to the conversions to other LEM variants including the V-TGS. On the one hand I always feel a responsibility to read everything you can about a topic before asking any question as a matter of respect and responsibility. On the other hand it might have been a bit of a mistake on my part as some of these threads start quite a few years back and eventually you start running into posts talking about HK part number changes and HK design changes as it relates to integration of stock components. That is where I started to get confused. Also it led me to think that I should start a new thread instead of trying to add to an older one. It might provide the means to make a clean break from the older part numbers for previous generation P30's to newer part numbers (if that is in fact an issue) and newer P30's.

First I think P30 V2 offers a relatively light pull to begin with. As I read though all of the posts trying to understand what could be done with what result, I determined that it appears from where I am today at V2-LEM that the best place to go from here is V-TGS at least for me. I do not want to go all the way to V-1. Based on how the pistol feels now I don't think it is necessary or even beneficial in my case. If I am reading posts correctly it would appear to also be the easiest mod for me to make from where I am today.

I believe that I would not have to change the trigger spring in order to make the V-TGS mod as I believe a P30 V2 already comes with the trigger spring that one would use in a V-TGS modification. I think it is a 234389. In any event even if I have the part number wrong I think I am right in that the trigger spring that is already in my P30 is correct for the V-TGS. I think that I would have to change the FPBS to the lighter version, 209296 spring. Lastly, and here is where it has been most confusing for me (unless I am already wrong about the trigger and FPBS) is the main/hammer spring. Since my P30 is already an LEM, V2 I think what has been posted leads me to believe that I do not have to change that spring in order to get to the V-TGS. I believe the correct main/hammer spring to order would be the 214300. However again if I am reading posts correctly I think the 214300 is the spring that is shipped in a P30 V2 LEM from HK, hence my comment about thinking I will not have to change the main/hammer spring as part of my V-TGS modification. So first, have I got these spring parts properly identified in order to make the V-TGS modification to a new, P30 V2, LEM pistol?

Also, and here some folks have struggled and some have not. Should I note the orientation of the FPB when I disassemble? Some struggle with getting the FPB back in after changing the FPBS that it rides on and I am not sure if their issue has to do with the orientation. Does the pushing in/out of the Firing Pin and the pushing up/down of the FPB, part of the process discussed by those that have been kind enough to post instructions, cycle the FPB such that ultimately it is in the correct orientation or as asked earlier must I note the orientation when I remove it and drop it back in that same orientation?

Lastly, I saw some more recent posts from Mr. Green himself that seemed to indicate that there has been some additional wear to one or more of these springs as a result of integrating them in this manner. However I believe he was posting with regard to a modified "45". It does prompt me to ask this last question. Am I reading Mr. Greens posts correctly and if there is also any additional spring wear being noted in the P30 in making the change to V-TGS? I would not be discouraged from making the change. However I would likely order for my inventory a backup of each of the springs just in case if in fact some additional wear has been noted.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank forum members for their enthusiastic support of HK pistols, the vast amount of information available and for the generally very high standard of discussion I find here.
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Thanks for the clarification on the spring part numbers AND the needed spring changes to get to V-TGS. I have ordered the part numbers that you have posted for both the FPBS and the main/hammer spring.

Thanks for posting the chart. I see where I went wrong. Leaving the current main/hammer spring in would appear to yield V4 which is another option that I am considering as that might be pretty neat as well. Just don't think V1 is right for me.

Actually I was asking about the orientation of the Firing Pin Block itself when it is dropped back in its hole, not the Firing Pin. Should I note the orientation of the Firing Pin Block as it comes out of its position or does the movement of the Firing Pin Block (up/down) and the Firing Pin (rearward/forward) upon re-installation, cycle the orientation of the Firing Pin Block such that it ends up in the right orientation?
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Outstanding!!! Thanks again. Only one way makes things easier for my rapidly dulling capacity to retain information. The years are not being kind.
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