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Greetings to the world of HK pistol enthusiasts!
I hope your new year is off to a great start.
I have begun to look around at handguns quite a bit again, and my Wife recently told me that she has been observing that old fashioned look in my eyes... nope, not that look. Rather, the look that says; "I am going to buy another gun whether you like it or not."
I live in a neighborhood of this crazy old world in which you can not buy most "compact" versions of modern handguns because the size is restricted to law enforcement or military use only. Although it looks as if I will become a member of my city Police Service by next Fall, I am still a Civilian, and I am buying this gun for IDPA, or similar defensive and tactical pistol training or leagues.
I would be shopping for a 1911 right now, but that the costs are so prohibitive around here. Any decent model would run be over $1,400.00.
I have owned the HK USP .40 and I enjoyed firing it. However, it was an SA/DA variant, and when in DA mode, the trigger was a little too far away. If it was cocked, I was fine. Even though I would not carry it any other way besides in condition one (if it was legal for me to carry it around, of course!,) I just didn't enjoy the thought of having a pistol that I could not comfortably and consistently fire in any state.
The next love affair was with a (gasp...) SIG P 226 .40
I found that this one suited my hands a little more than the HK, but I still would have wanted the trigger a tad closer, if truth be told.
So now, two models of handgun in the more compact variety have been made available under my license here. They are:
The HK .45 compact tactical
The SIG P2022 .40 (also considered "compact")
I was attracted to the SIG because it has an extra backstrap to make the effective grip smaller, but what I really wanted to know is if the grip / trigger distance would be better on the HK Compact Tactical .45 than on a standard HK USP .40.
If anybody has comments about either or both of these pieces, post away!
Danke for the assistance, and take care.

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Welcome to the Forums. Have you looked at the P30 or HK45? The HK45c should be coming soon. I'm not sure IF the 9mm will work for you. The P30 .40 is a year or so away. :mad:
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