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New PTR 91 GI R is in!!!!!!!

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Just picked up the new PTR 91 GI R from my FFL. Gun looks really clean. Welds on rail look clean and furniture is free of scratches or gouges. Pulled off the factory stock and put a magpul commercial on it because LOP is too long for me.

Going out today to shoot it in!!!!

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Nice setup, where did you get that stock? Most AR style stocks look like crap on G3 rifles but that one actually looks functional.

Yea, its the same stock I use on all my AR's pretty much ... its an ACS L so it doesnt have battery compartments to weigh it down.... feels really solid and doesnt look too bad
How is the cheek weld and sight picture with the stock as compared to the OEM?
Id say it feels about the same, but with the longer LOP on the factory, it has me craning my neck too much. I plan on putting a red dot on it and with the stock it has me having to move very little.

Most of my irons/red dot are set on a 1/3 co witness so thats pretty much how it feels
New Muzzle brake Added

Just swapped out the muzzle brake for a Smith Enterprises brake. Ive used them before on 762, they really make a difference


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How much shorter then factory is this when collapsed?
Its right about 1".... you just have to pull off the castle nut and turn the buffer tube in until it bottoms out.... I know it doesnt seem like much but with LOP too long for me, that was my way to go and it fits me perfectly.
Congrats on your new rifle! I have the exact same rifle and love it. I bought a wood furniture kit for mine and a bayonet adaptor. I just need a bayonet and sling next. I have looked @ different muzzle breaks, but have not seen the Smith Enterprises brake. How do you like it or have you had a chance to shoot it? I have looked @ the PWS and the Manticore NightBrake (not sure if this one is made for the new PTR thread pitch) for mine.
I havnt shot it on the PTR yet. Probably next week

I have one on my Ruger SR 762 and a Ruger Scout. I Would say 35-40% reduction in felt recoil. On My SR 762 I barely lose sight picture in my scope
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