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In this thread the new Geissele rail is talked about and I really like the looks and the length of it.

Now from what I understand from the thread, you need to cut off the sling loops to get this rail to work. I am trying to figure out what the difference is between that Geissele rail and the factory longer rail located here. From what I can tell the standard factory rail is 9", the longer factory rail is 11". Looks like it would be over the block as well, and I doubt HK is going to tell you to cut off your loops to use it. So what is the difference on the Geissele rail to make this necessary?

The other question I have is in checking parts for the 556 I find a gas block located here. In one of the reviews someone says:

Easy swap over from the neutered MR 556 gas block to the HK 416. The one received was the latest generation with out the 14.5" designation engraved so can be used properly on the 16.5" or 14.5" and not look out of place.
Does anyone know what the differences are, if there are in fact any between the two blocks? If I wanted the Geissele rail seems to me I would be better to get this block and send it in to have the loops taken off by Jason when I have the barrel lightened and Nitride added. That way if I ever needed too I could just swap out for the original block and be back factory if I wanted too.
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