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I just got my SL8-6 and put a Burris Eliminator on top. The front bell wouldn't clear the rail so I added a riser. I am now about 3" above bore. I just ordered the Lowprofile rail from which will basically negate the riser. I took the setup to the range the other day and with Federal .223 55gr. FMJ I had to put the very top of the vertical retical on the target to even get on paper. The cross hairs were below target off paper. I have tried to find a elevation compensator rail but I have only found Leapers for airguns.

I am a bit frustrated due to my investment in the setup, which I intend for long range shooting, 200 - 500 yds.

I have very little scope experience and any advice on fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated.

I'll post a current pic when I get home and setup an image hosting account.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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