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I'm in the process of making a stock for a HK 770 .308 semi-auto rifle. I built my own stock duplicator machine. The stock duplicator was a long term project, several years in the making. It is actually my third duplicating machine. I made a thumb hole stock for my HK 630 and 770 with the second and third version.

I'm making a master stock which will be used to cut the final walnut blank into the 770 stock. I'm in WI and I'm doing this for an individual in CA with specific requirements, 14" length of pull, small hand grip, and high comb. The original Heckler & Koch stock has a fairly long grip to trigger and is a European style stock. The individual wanted a more traditional stock. So I'm using an old Remington 700 stock for the master. This required a lot of milling and bedding for the action to fit into the stock. Once fitted it was obvious there was not enough wood in the action area. This was fixed by adding three layers of 1/16" thick balsa wood to the out side and flared into the stock contour.

Electrical wiring Engineering Gas Wood Machine

What I call my master.

Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Tool Gas

Here I'm starting to duplicate the master.

Wood Gas Flooring Hardwood Machine

Wood Machine tool Engineering Gas Machine

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That is quite an impressive setup. The HK sporting rifles are great and one of HKs great secrets that not a lot of folks know about. I love my 630 and 300!! It would be neat if HK would produce some of these rifles as parts are nearly impossible to find, but I know that will never happen.
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