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New telescoping pistol brace for HK

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So according to this video, Gearhead works is making a telescoping HK pistol brace

Skip to around 2:40 for the brace
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People are going to keep pushing the envelope with these "braces" until the ATF cracks down hard . Though under Trump perhaps the (real) need for a brace will become moot.
"Link was dead for me. Anyone have a pic?
Here you go "

That's a Gear Head Works Tailhook adapted to a A3.
ehhhh, interesting, but the guy in the interview was kind of off putting....... maybe it's just me???
I think Paul must of said “built to original specifications” like 20 times in 5:48 minutes…

The AOW MP5K looks great!
Pretty neat stuff, not H&K but neither is the price.
I saw this one a couple of days ago. I still laugh when I watch him "almost" say stock.��
why would you want a 30 round g3 mag? hk11?
For States that do not allow any SBR's these braces work just fine on the cheek and occasionally on the arm if it is a K model. I am patiently waiting for Gear Head Works to release this.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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