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Hi all,

While I've been shooting for 40 years or so I've never got into H&K's, well except an 91 and 93, mostly 1911's and Sig's. Reason being I have a thing with plastic, always made me want to wash my hands after handling. A while back I got a ported M&P CORE because I had a reflex sight for it, didn't like it. My brother, a retired police officer always spoke highly of H&K's so I picked up a USP 45 and 45C, pleasantly surprised, went back and got the 40 and 9 in both full sized and compacts. I'm really warming up to these, especially the compacts. I put match triggers and extended mag releases in them all, trigger is decent and extended mag release makes them usable. My new favorite is the USP compact in 40 and 45, I was pounding steel today with them and really liked them.
I still haven't warmed up to the P30 and P30L I got after the first two however, thought one of them would be good for IDPA but I'm back to my Sig's with the USP compacts close on their heels.
I will add that I love cleaning those barrels!
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