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New to hkpro

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Hey guy i'm new here. i'm starting to work on my HK collection i just got a hk usp combat competition i will post up some pics in a few day and thinking about getting a p7..

thanks guys happy to be here
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Welcome to the site. You picked a couple of excellent HK handguns IMO. P7 are the most addicting!!
Welcome to he board .
Let's see some pics .
Welcome, from a fellow Mainer, I'm in Sanford.
Sounds like you've got a great start on your HK collection. See you on the boards
welcome, sounds like you got a great first gun
Thank and it nice to seen a fellow Mainer on there
Welcome to the site--- nice, first, HK sidearm!!! :biggrin:

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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