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New to me HK91, date code question

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Hi guys,
Just bought my first HK91. The date code on the left side of the receiver is IB and the same code appears on the bolt carrier. If that's 1981 it matches the date on the test target. The letters N-IA appear on the bolt head and there is the letter C stamped on another spot on the bolt head and a German proof mark as well. Everything about the rifle is clean, very little wear, finish appears to be original. The only marks in the finish are on the inside of the magazine well where the steel magazines have nicked it in a few places. The original owner claims he had fired about 500 rounds through it and has owned it since the early 80s--essentially it sat in his safe. It came with a canvas sling that has an eleborate snap-closing mechanism at the front--appears original--two steel magazines, and the HK bipod. I am concerned about the N-IA on the bolt head--is that supposed to match the IB on the receiver and bolt carrier? Paid $1700 for it. Did I do OK? Thanks in advance.
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Jackm, Welcome to the Forum.

It sounds like you got a Very Good Deal on an Original '81 HK91.

Right now Used 91's (just the Rifle & 1 Mag) in Good to Very Good Condition, are selling for more $1800.00 and up.
And a Genuine (new) HK Light Bipod can go for up to $390.00.
I can't remember what the Cloth Sling that you described looked like, can you post a pic of it.

Get yourself alot of mags, while they're still very reasonabley (cheap) priced
And start stocking up on some ammo, because the closer the election, the harder it going to get.
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