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New to the forums, but been a member of the FB page for awhile. Not much of a forums guy, but HK is HK and we all know how hard it is to find certain items. Been hooked on HK since I was with the Army and got some hands on time with some bundeswehr weapon systems. After I got out, I continued down the HK rabbit hole with a USP 9mm and then later a VP9 that I used in contract work. I've owned a G36K clone by Tommy and a MP5 by PTR, but they aren't the same as the real deal. So right now I only have the VP9,14.5 MR556 and a MR762 that I am turning into a Assaulter. 2 more parts and a barrel cut to be done. Later on I'll go down the sl8 road and have a proper G36 made.
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