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New USP!

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Well just paid for it, not sure how long ill have to wait but...

Just picked up a USP 40 full ss slide.

What accessories should I buy for it? I would like a carry holster for carrying at the deer lease and also a CCW holster. It was suggested that I go to a place in Houston that has a 5 month waiting list, nice pieces but long wait and about $100.

Match trigger? What does it do?
High cap mags? how big? do I need jet funnel?

What else should I consider and what ammo should I shoot/not shoot?

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Meyerland home of a new USPc 40 that I am going out to shoot on Sat.
Which place was recommended for holster, if you don't mind telling me.
Congrats on the has a good selection of holsters.......If you like kydex , G-Code makes a good product. Welcome to the board....:)
I think I want leather, but not positive.

Any one have info for the trigger work or hi cap mags? How big can I go without a jet funnel?

125 for a match trigger what does it do?

Grats on your new gun. Be sure to post some pics when you get it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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