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Hey Folks,

I can't believe how fast this year went by. Myself and a bunch of guys always get together for a New Years Day shoot and we are doing it again. If anybody is interested in going shooting on Friday (New Years Day) let me know. There is going to be a large group of guys meeting at the spot in Hidden Valley right off of Liteweight Road at around 10:00am. We will be bringing a host of subguns, suppressors and belt-feds along with other guys who have an array of vintage and modern firearms on the firing line. You guys are MORE than welcome to use my firearms but want to let you know that I am low on quite a few types of SMG ammo and even cleaned out on others. I am going to talk to NFA and Go Time Gear and see if they can bring some ammo to sell (at always low prices).

I was so glad to see so many locals in addition to guys from California at the last get together and hope there will more for New Years. This a great time to put a face to a screen name and in fact we will provide name tags so we can identify each other (DoctorCheney223/Ron).

There will be a "cease-fire" at around 12:00pm so we can break for chow and conversation. Some of the guys and gals will be bringing food and snacks for everybody to enjoy (bring something along if you want to help out). We will be bringing out several cases of water just to make sure everybody stays hydrated. Also, there is a designated firing line to keep both spectators and shooters safe.

Lastly, I was thinking about setting up a little area where we can do a little buying and trading of our parts. I have so many parts, mags and accessories that I will never use would let you guys have first dibs on them. I have AK parts, HK parts and various parts kits, mags, pouches and slings that I will never put for sale just because it's a PITA. If you are interested, bring a tarp to lay your items on and let's see if we can help each other out with some good deals

Here are the directions:

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