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newb: used HK USP 40 S&W (CA)

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Relatively new to owning handguns. Bought a used H&K USP 40 S&W and will be able to pick it up on the 13th. Will be used for indoor and outdoor range plus any chance to fire on private or NF lands. Looking for information about the pistol and what to expect, good or not so good. What are the needed and preferred upgrades? Looking for 13 round magazines.

I also own a new 3Gen Glock 17. Next is a semi auto .45, maybe an XD Tactical.
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I've got one, love it. Much smoother than any other 40 I've ever shot. The USP was designed around the 40 as opposed to a 9mm upscaled to accommodate the larger round. I've never had a problem from it, eats anything I feed it. I just got an Insight Technology UTL for it. Doesn't add much weight and I think it gives the gun a good look. Any weight it does add helps with muzzle flip imo. Great gun!
Congrats on the purchase. Post some pics when you get it. Hope you thoroughly enjoy shooting it.. great pistol.
Welcome to the site, and congratulations on the acquisition!!! :wink:

Tony thing I did forget to mention. Depending on the age of your USP, excessive dry firing can cause the firing pin on older USP's, pre 03 I think. Just make sure you use snap caps.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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