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Welcome to HKpro! Great questions.

I can't give you any information on the LEM trigger bc I don't have one and haven't shot one. A good number of members on this forum swear by it. I personally like the safety/decocker and DA/SA. My USP Expert came with the Match trigger setup and I think it is smoother and crisper than the standard DA/SA, so I have no reason to try anything new at the moment.

The price of an HK, I think in the scheme of things, is negligible. It's a 200-400 difference (for most models) compared to the guns you have listed. If that P30 feels amazing in your hand like you said, and functions the way you want it to function, then I think you should get it. You can't put a price on that. I picked HK because I like extremely high quality, high functioning, and highly reliable products. I can rest assured that I have the best of the best in this particular realm of handgun. You don't need to do any aftermarket work to your HK if you don't want to. You don't have to stress about it. It will function, and as many have said on this forum, will outshoot the shooter.

I have nothing against these other guns you listed; and I own a Glock that I hardly ever shoot. It's a fine gun. I have no complaints other than it's just not quite as good of a fit as my HK is for me. You've held the P30... so my question for you is: did it feel right for you? Is there something you didn't like about the P30?

My HK is one of the few guns I've purchased that is perfect as it is. I have absolutely no desire to change anything on it. I love it. And I hope you pick the right gun for you, even if it's not an HK. But if you do get the P30 we need a range report and pics ASAP!

Good luck on your decision and there are plenty of people more wise than I on this forum to help you out. Stick around!
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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