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Newbie from Atlanta

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I'm happy to say that I am once again an HK owner, or will be soon. I used to have a USP40c that I sold several years ago to pay off my divorce attorney. This morning I ordered a new P30sk from CDNN to use for intermediate carry, between my 1911 and my Kahr CW380.

It was my first time ordering a gun from CDNN and they are in the ball. I ordered it at 7:30 EST this morning and had a tracking number by 10:00.

I'm sore that I will have questions about it, and will be asking them as they come up, if a search does not turn up answers.

Now, to contact my leather maker and see if he has a mold for it....
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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the site, and congratulations on the newest acquisition!!! :biggrin:

Thank you for the welcome. My leather maker does not have P30SK mold, just a P2000SK. He is checking to see if he can get one. He said that if he can't, to bring the gun to him, and he will use my gun to mold it. He has done this for me a few time before, as I used to have a thing for oddball guns.
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