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Newbie saying hello!

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Hey everyone, bought my first HK a while ago, but life got in the way and didn't get to take it out much.

Things have finally settled down and I'm enjoying my 9mm USP! I've always wanted one since watching Heat back in the day! After viewing a lot of the posts on this forum, kinda wish I had went with the 45 instead, but I may pick up a used one later on! I have a few AR projects going on right now that are taking a higher priority. That and I need to actually get some night sights. :)
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Congratulations on procuring a fine weapon!
Welcome from the Commonwealth of Virginia.
I recently purchased the H&K P2000 in 9mm, than a week later, a P2000 in .40 cal and added the .357 Sig barrel. Along with extra factory magazines for each.
My next H&K will be the USP Compact in .45 ACP, but I have to recover from these recent purchases first.
Although I like night sights, I am not hung up on them.......If I have to engage in a CCW situation, I will not be shooting that far of a distance. I aspire to the 21' rule but most likely, it will be within 3 yards......
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