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OK, so the long argument by lawmakers at least in NY are that gun laws were designed to keep guns out of criminals hands. Okay... well they surely didn't in these two cases. Both obviously got their guns illegally, one a convicted felon, and the other a minor.

16 year old shoots 4 year old trying to settle beef with another teenager at the playground:

This story is a little more interesting... Cops stopped him for having a knife concealed, found out it's totally legal, and since the prosecutors were lazy and didn't make 2 separate cases, the single case getting tossed out for the initial arrest was without prima facia, and since it's a single case it tosses out the federal weapons violation. Geez.

Stickler judge tosses out ex-con's gun and knife arrest


Wednesday, September 5th 2007, 4:00 AM

An ex-con nabbed for carrying a loaded gun in a Brooklyn subway station has been cut loose by a judge who split hairs over a utility knife.

John Irizarry was arrested last March at the Broadway station in Brownsville after an officer saw what he thought was an illegal gravity knife clipped to Irizarry's pants pocket. While searching the suspect, the cop found a .25-caliber semiautomatic with a defaced serial number in Irizarry's jacket.

That arrest was thrown out yesterday by Federal Judge Jack Weinstein, who ruled that the Husky Sure-Grip folding knife - a top-selling item at Home Depot - was perfectly legal.

It was a tool Irizarry used on construction jobs cutting sheetrock, and the judge noted that the 6-inch blade doesn't flick open like a switchblade or gravity knife, which are illegal weapons.

"The instrument which [Irizarry] had in his possession is a common tool ... the equivalent of a carpenter carrying a hammer," Weinstein said.

The ruling tosses out the knife as evidence and effectively junks the gun charge as well since it was found after an illegal search. Irizarry, 44, who is free on $100,000 bail, was indicted in federal court because he was a convicted felon in possession of a gun.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said the officer had legitimate reason to stop Irizarry because the tool could easily be mistaken for a gravity knife.

"Clearly the cutting device and a defaced gun spelled double trouble," Browne said.
Hey you criminal! You're supposed to follow the law. Oh wait, definition of criminal is one that doesn't follow the law... :p
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