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I owned a few, sold a few, went away, and came back. My recent purchase is the keeper. P2000sk in .40, to which I added two 357 mags and a new barrel. I got lucky with the barrel. Somewhere down the road I'll get either a 45 USPt or MK23. Now my challenge is a 9mm. Like the 45s I want a full size pistol. My CCW has been solved. So which 9 should I get. I want to use it as a range and training pistol, as well as a bedside table tool. I want a flashlight on this one, it'll be my first to have a light. It has to be LEM also. After getting these next two pistols it's over buying pistols, easier said than done I'm sure. HK will come out with something and I'll weaken. So what would you do in this position? Thanks in advance.
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