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Night Sights for a New P30 V2

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I would like to add night sights to my new P30, V2 LEM. The night sights I am most attracted to are the Heinie Straight Eights as I much prefer "dotted I" sights to "Three Dot" sights and also prefer some color change, front sight to rear sight if I can get it. The Heinies would seem best for the P30 at least for me. However when I read posts from members who have installed them or had them installed most comment that it took a considerable amount of work to fit them to the P30 slide. I even saw at least one post, all be it, from a couple years ago commenting about having to shave off material from the bottom of the rear sight in order to get a proper fit and another talking about shaving the screw heads. That seemed a good bit of fitting for sights that are listed by HKParts Net for the P30. So I was wondering if these night sights do in fact still require a good deal of fit work to install or if they are closer to how some of the other sights identified as for the P30 are fitting?

If I was not comfortable with the amount of work required to fit the Heinies, I would likely go with the "XS Big Dots". There are things I like and don't like about the Big Dots but they are "Dotted I" sights and I would still prefer those to 3 dot designs. Maybe in a dead heat with the XS sights would be some combination of fiberoptic sights like the TruGlo's if they make them for the P30 or even a HiViz FO front sight and some appropriate rear sight in combination. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good rear sight match to a HiViz Fiberoptic front sight?
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I recently installed Heinie Straight 8's on my HK45 (dovetail design as the P30). Yes they did take some fitting to install, but it wasn't too bad. All I had to do was file the base of the dovetailed portion of the sight to shorten it a little bit and then drive it in with a brass punch. This had to be done on both the front and rear sights. Also I had to file the bottom of the front sight screws as they come too long.

A fine grained file and large brass punch and maul did the job for me. And it went fairly smoothly. As for the end product, they are excellent sights! I love the presentation and the sight picture. And if you feel that it would be too much work to install them yourself, you could always send your slide to Heinie or have a local gunsmith do it.

I haven't had any experience with the other two listed sights.
Thanks HK45. Appreciate that help!
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