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night sights for uspc

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i just purchased a USP compact .40 and did not come w/ night sights
but i would like to add them to the gun.
for those who put on night sights on your usp compact..
what brand did you use?
what brand do you recommend?
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I believe that HK factory night sights are provided by Trijicon to HK (please correct me if I am wrong). There are many to choose from, Meprolight, MMC, Novak are among the popular choices.

Adjustable, installed them 8-9 years ago
Both my P2000 and USP Compact came with factory installed Meprolite TRU DOT's .
The only thing you might want to consider is getting different colors. Like keeping the front site green and the rear sites orange, yellow, etc. . .
Meprolight makes all of the factory sights for HK. The tru dot are the best ones on the market IMO. I have them on all of my HKs.
Adjustable, installed them 8-9 years ago
+10 MMC are the best I found!
Meprolights are my favorite. They seem to have a slightly larger "lite" diameter than MMC's. MMC's are good too, though. No complaints.
I would opt for Trijicon...Factory are Meprolite Tru dot. Trijicon tend to burn brighter...Just my 2cents.
My next suggestion

Maybe MMC adjustable rear and a big dot nite sight front, mine are yellow rear and green front. Remember, myopic people see green better.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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