Bought this brand new off of GunBroker about a year and a half ago. It was advertised as an HK MP5 3 position collapsible stock and from the photos looked to be exactly like the one on the HK website. I don't believe it is an HK German stock although it looks identical to the three other genuine HK German 3 position stocks I have. This one goes on just a little bit snugger than my others and more pull is required to operate it than with the others. Wasn't a big deal to me as I used it in the second to longest configuration and this works best for me and my eyes when shooting the Steel Challenge in the iron sight centerfire PCC division. Other than being a bit stiff to pull open and to push shut it appears to be of excellent manufacture.
Shipping will be paid by me and the stock will go out in a medium Priority Mail Flat Rate box which comes with tracking.
US Postal Service Money Order or bank Cashier's (no personal) check only. We are working on getting approval to accept credit cards soon.