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NW OH Newbie

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Howdy all, Not new to firearms and shooting (I'm actually an old guy!) just new to the wide world of HK. Looking to branch out from my 1911s & revolvers and the HK45 series has got me all fired-up. Not sure between a HK45 or the HK45c model. Not too many around locally for me to fondle, but I'm doing my research here and other sites and will hit our local gun show new weekend.
Alot to learn about LEM, the variants and other things HK.
Looks like a great site, I'll be around searching and reading and will let ya'll know what I have my first HK!! Thanks.............
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I got a HK45 but wants a HK45ct to go to my collection as well. If you go for CCW I would go for the HK45c. The plus on it is that you can buy a extended threaded barrrel and a 10 round mag for it. The HK45 has that new Batman/Spiderman ergo grip. As for LEM I'm not too sure on it since I like the SA/DA. Good luck and no matter which you will get you won't regret.
Welcome to the site--- either are excellent sidearms--- depends upon your specific use!!! :wink:

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