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Hello all! It's been a very long time since I've posted - mostly because I had a job that required a ton of travel, and secondarily because every time I've tried to log in since I can't remember my ultra-complex password and have to do a reset, but I digress. This weekend I loaded up and took my clones and DLO pack to my friend's-wife's-father's land and between myself and 30+ other people, were able to dump some serious rounds into the berm.

Spent the first 2.5 hours with clay pigeons and shotguns (non-HK, not pictured) -
- Browning Silver Auto
- 3-gun prep'd Benelli M2

Finally, the old guys relented on shotguns, and we were able to break out the good stuff. Armed with my DLO pack, we made acquaintance with the following firearms displayed:
- G3K clone (from Ghilliebear)
- PTR32
- V53 (reworked thru Ghilliebear)
- MP5SD Clone (from DJ Getz, TPM suppressor)
- MP5 Clone (from Ghilliebear)
- MP5K Clone (SW89K thru DJ Getz)
- HK45 (not a clone) :)
- And Octane9 with 3-lug, Osprey-45 for the pistol.
- Some QuikTrip iced-tea (mostly empty)

Gun Table Vehicle Air gun Games
Auto part Metal

Everything ran fantastic except for the PTR32. But that has nothing to do with the PTR, and everything to do with the last time we shot it. Prior to the last range trip, I dumped in a bunch of Hoppes cleaner/lube that literally turned the insides of that firearm into tar after firing. So I've got another two hours of cleaning - at least - to get it back to proper operating capacity.

People here may ask 'why clones'? And to be fair, it's a topic that must be approached with some concern. However, with the proper research and by acquiring through known vendors/smiths who stand behind their product, one can have piece of mind that your range trip will work out well. I'll see if I can follow up with some video, but I will say the best part about having these toys is letting those that have never experienced HK(-ish) or F/A firearms run a mag with glee.

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Nice write up and sounds like a fun time was had by all. Thanks for sharing, with the other shooters and with us.
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