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Old Faithful holster for HK P30 9mm

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I needed a holster for my P30, and I went looking for something that was comfortable, somewhat concealable, and adjustable. Oh, and cheap. I came across Old Faithful holsters on eBay that seemed to fit the bill, so I ordered one.
Not sure what their normal lead time is if you purchase through their website, but they had ten available on eBay. I bought it on a Friday morning and had it in my hands on Wednesday.
The price is low because the consumer assembles it, which is very simple to do.
You can adjust the height and cant to get the best fit for your carry preference. The metal clips included are extremely tight and seem to hold the holster exactly where I put it (only tried it with normal movement so far).
The only issues I have with it is with the T-nuts. When you hammer them in, the post is longer than the piece of scrap leather they give you as a buffer, and if you hammer too far, the teeth of the T-nuts get bent a bit (I had one spin out of the leather when I went to adjust the cant), and if you don't hammer far enough, the back of the T-nut will stick out to rub against your skin or shirt. That being said, I have not yet noticed this as a problem; I only mention it as a potential problem. I guess once you find the right set up for yourself, you could actually remove the unused T-nuts to help alleviate this issue.
I wasn't looking for something for everyday concealed carry, but I believe this is comfortable enough that I might consider my P30 to be my everyday CC.
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