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Hi Guys.

I hope this isn't a repeat discussion...if it is, I apologize.

I was thinking about converting my SL8-6 to a G36 clone with the AR magwell conversion. I've decided to go with the Top Notch kit, since it has the AR magwell conversion. I decided I wanted to go with the AR magwell since AR mags are easier to come by and it would include the 3 US parts (the mag assembly). Besides installing the included bolt head and piston head, I know that in order to properly install the magwell conversion, the lip that prevents double stack mags has to be milled out. I was wondering if anyone has successfully installed the AR magwell conversion? Also, any advice/precautions before I begin milling away? I did some research in forum and the opinion on this conversion has been 50/50. Some say it works great, but others warn against it because it occassionally does not feed properly and the bolt does not catch all the time after firing the final round. I was wondering if anyone who's switched to the AR magwell had this experience and if so, what did you do to correct it?

Thanks everyone for your time and help.


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Have a look on and look at the photos... the cut for the AR mags is fairly straight forward if you have access to a manual Bridgeport or other mill. You could do it with a Dremel but I wouldn't advise it.

IMPORTANT: Once you cut the "window" area out, BEFORE your start cutting into the inside of the magwell area from the bottom, put the magwell on the receiver and trace out the magwell shape... it will be visibly obvious where you need to mill out.

DON'T CUT TOO MUCH. It's always easier to cut more out than to add something back! Put some lipstick on the top of a magzine and slide it in. The lipstick will mark the receiver where you still need to mill.

As for the feeding and bolt-catch problems. There are quite a few reasons why this can happen, all of which have been talked about in one form or another on the fourms but here's a quick overview...

1) Mis-cut magwell - poor fit
2) Bolt-head was designed for the wider G36 magazines - if the AR mag isn't properly "fitted", the bolt-head could misfeed
3) Weaker springs in the AR mags so there insn't enough force to push the bolt-catch up - replace with stronger springs (this is also an issue with the original SL8 magazines)

Hope that helps!
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