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Opinions on trading p30 v1 for usp9 v7??

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Hey wanted sime opinions if I should trade my v1 p30 9 for a usp9 v7. Someone I know wants to trade me and had some extras with the Usp. I love shooting the p30 but it does tear my skin up when carrying and not a big fan of the groove in the trigger guard. I haven't shot a fullsize usp in a long time so it's hard for me to compare. I've heard the usp FS is slower shot to **** than the p30. I do prefer the p30 over usp compact but in 45 I like the usp a little more than the hk45. Any advice out there? And I just can't afford to buy another right now because money I have set aside right now needs to buy something for deep concealment for at work so trying to decide what to go with for fullsize 9mm for carry/range. Thanks
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