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Owners of KAC USPCT cans needing wipes

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Please remove if not in the correct place. Just wanted to give you a heads up, Mike let me know that he has an order in with KAC for more wipes and told me that if we can get a group together of members who own these cans and want the KAC wipes that perhaps a larger order can be placed to save some $$ with a bulk order. You can contact him if interested.
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Can you please PM me his contact info? I must have misplaced it. Thanks!
Would you please PM me the contact info for the wipes order? Thanks ahead.
PM sent, sorry for the delay.

Here ya go

Special Operations
Mike Lowry
309 N Union St
P.O. Box 491
Whitesboro, TX 76273

903-651-0062 OFFICE
903-651-0063 FAX
903-209-5753 CELL
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A good alternative to wipes is ultrasounds jelly. Better than water and lasts a little longer too.
Another reason suppressors should be unregulated, its a muffler nothing more. If I drive my car or run my lawn mower without one even the liberals think I am killing the planet.
The last word I got from Mike was that KAC was looking for a supplier to get the materials to make another run of wipes. However, given the current stance of the BATFE, that might have just gone up in smoke.
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