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P2000 .357 magazines?

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I searched but didn't find my answer so here's a HK rookie question.

I saw a local ad for a lnib used P2000 .357 at a pretty decent price. With the .357 phased out will there be a problem getting magazines in the future? I've seen ads for .357 mags and for .40 mags so I'm guessing the .40 mag doesn't work with the .357 SIG.
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way back in the day when the USPC first came out in 357SIG, I bought one. everyone else at work bought it in .40 (that was our caliber at the time).
i was unable to source spare 357marked mags so i just bought a dozen of the .40 mags and they all worked just fine.
i bought the P2000 when it first came out in 357SIG and all the mags worked fine in that too.

buy 40 marked mags with confidence.
357sig ammo isnt much more expensive if you buy in bulk.
i haven't priced it since i switched my department over to 357sig, but i just got price lists from winchester and ultramax and will be ordering ammo so i guess i will see how much of a markup is out there for retail compared to state prices.
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