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I have a HK P2000 factory V2 LEM with a AC date code. (pre '05) I'm trying to set it up with a 12lb hammer spring and a light firing pin block spring. I've read Big Bore's referance thread which says I should use part #214192 for a pre '05 light FPBS. I went over to to order the spring listed as 'old style', but the compatibility list it gives doesn't mention the I'm a little confused and just wanting to make sure I'm getting the right part.

My question is that since my P2000 is done as a factory V2, would that have updated parts already even though its pre '05? In my manual the parts replacement lists my FPBS as part #209962, which i'm assuming is the heavy FPBS...but that number is closer to the 'new style' light fpbs part #209296.

I've emailed HK CS awhile ago and never got a reply, so i'm really hoping someone here can help me.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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