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P2000/P2000sk/G19 recoil

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I haven't been able to shoot a P2000 yet. I do own a glock 19, so I am familiar with the recoil.
I recently sold a P30 because I needed money for another project, so I know how it shoots.
Question is, which would have less recoil of the 3, P2000, P2000sk, or G19? Using the same grain ammo. I saw some youtube vids, but would like to know from the hk
Thanks if you can help.
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Of the three weapons you've listed, I'd say the 9mm. P2000 would have the least felt recoil.

I've read here that the SK has less felt recoil thna the P2000, potentially due to the two staged recoil spring. Don't know firsthand.
Well in MY firsthand experience, my .40 P2000 had less felt recoil than my 9mm. P2000SK, so I'd assume the 9mm. P2000 would be a sweetheart to shoot. :25:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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