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P2000/P2000sk/G19 recoil

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I haven't been able to shoot a P2000 yet. I do own a glock 19, so I am familiar with the recoil.
I recently sold a P30 because I needed money for another project, so I know how it shoots.
Question is, which would have less recoil of the 3, P2000, P2000sk, or G19? Using the same grain ammo. I saw some youtube vids, but would like to know from the hk
Thanks if you can help.
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I don't have a G19, but the G26 has a little more recoil than the P2000sk in 9m. The P2000sk in 9M is very low recoil and a very nice shooting gun. You mentioned you have had the P30 and I don't see a significant difference between the P30 and P2000sk, but the grip on the P30 is nicer and it is a little softer shooting. The 2000sk is a great option if you want a smaller gun - similar to the G26.

Since recoil on all of these is likely a non-issue, I would think that there are more important factors than recoil for selecting between them- e.g. trigger, grip angle and ergonomics.

Good Luck.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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